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We are all looking for a way to make a difference this holiday season. This year, give the gift of education through Two Rabbits! With a recurring gift of only $5 a month, you can send a child to preschool for an entire year! Read more below to see how you can join Two Rabbits this holiday season to help us reach our 2019 growth goal of serving 1200 children across 20 villages in East Cameroon!

The Need

On the day Sarah moved to her village, Buba took her down to the river. She reached into the water and caught a spined fish with her bare hands. Buba is four years old and Baka, a member of a group of hunter-gatherers living in the forest of Cameroon. However, despite being a master of the forest in every way, mining, deforestation, and climate change threaten to destroy the forest she and her people depend on. Her community has lived in the forest for millennia, but now the world is rapidly changing around them. She and her community can’t read and don’t speak French, making it difficult for them to defend their rights against outside forces.

For the first time, Buba’s hunting and gathering knowledge will not be enough for her to survive. What she and her people urgently need is an education that prepares them to learn to read and write, laying a foundation that will allow their culture and community to survive and thrive.

Buba represents just one of 7 million indigenous children between the ages of 3-5 today, and one of the nearly 200 million children under age 5 worldwide who are made vulnerable by their lack of access to preschool. We know that early childhood education is the most cost effective ways to foster better lifelong outcomes, including health, income, and crime rates in adulthood, but the world’s most vulnerable children are the ones who have the greatest difficulty accessing preschool. These children tend to be like Buba, found among the most vulnerable communities: those living in poverty, conflict, and those facing ethnic and racial discrimination.

Our Solution

This is where we at Two Rabbits come in: our team of education specialists have developed an evidence-based model for the world’s hardest-to-reach children with scalable quality preschool education, delivered via low-cost mp3 technology and local community facilitators, and rigorously field tested it for effectiveness.

At Two Rabbits, we place the child and her culture are at the center of our program. Our team brings together local teachers, musicians, voice actors, storytellers, and leaders, amplifying their reach through appropriate technology. We work with local partners with strong community ties to develop lessons, songs, stories, and games in the local language and style.

The result is a culturally-adapted curriculum in mother-tongue, recorded onto durable mp3 players powered entirely by hand-crank, so that children can access learning in all corners of the world, regardless of the availability of electricity or radio signals. Communities then nominate individuals to serve as teachers. These trusted individuals share their students’ culture and language, contributing not only to their effectiveness as educators, but also to the creation of community ownership and capacity building that ensures the sustainability of the program on the ground.

Our Impact

Two Rabbits is proud of the 350 program alumni we have served so far. Today, Two Rabbits works together with our local partner ASTRADHE to operate ten Two Rabbits programs across as many villages, delivering high-quality preschool education to approximately 500 Baka children.

In 2017 we conducted an in-depth assessment of our work to date and found that Two Rabbits alumni scored twice as high on key literacy outcomes when compared to their peers who did not participate in the program. We are also excited by the progress we are making to close the gender learning outcomes gap. When asked to read letters from a list, program alumnae scored 91% as well as boys, compared to non-participating girls who scored only 21% as well as boys.

Join Us

Our team is greatly encouraged by these results and is honored by the support we have received from our partners over the past year. 2018 was an exciting period of growth for Two Rabbits: we began our process of expanding to 20 villages over the next two years in collaboration with our local partner ASTRADHE an with the support of the Saving Brains initiative, opening eight new Two Rabbits centers across East Cameroon. We could not have accomplished this without the encouragement, gifts, and support of our Two Rabbits family of supporters around the world.

As 2018 comes to a close, we are now setting our sights on 2019, excited to continue this season of growth. Over the next year we will open Two Rabbits programs in ten new villages and will add a second year of preschool curriculum to our first ten centers. By 2019-2020, Two Rabbits will have a total of 30 classrooms across 20 villages, serving approximately 1200 students.

Your financial contribution will help pay for construction of new classrooms for our new expansion locations, and will contribute to the salaries of our teachers and the cost of education for our students, ensuring that each child will continue to be able to attend class free of charge. No gift is too small to make a big impact. A gift of only $50 will cover the costs of attendance of one child for one year. With a recurring donation of $30 or more per month, you will pay for the construction of an entire Two Rabbits classroom!

Want to find out more or get in touch? Check out our website at www.chasingtworabbits.org, or reach out to our team directly. Do not hesitate to contact us with any follow-up questions you may have. With your support this holiday season, we have the power to reach the marginalized children of Cameroon with an empowering education that will prepare them for whatever the future holds.



The Two Rabbits Team


Two Rabbits is a registered 501(c)(3) nonprofit and all donations are tax deductible.