Cameroon Team


Two Rabbits collaborates with Association pour la Traduction et le Développement Holistique de l’Etre Humain (ASTRADHE) in on-the-ground implementation. ASTRADHE engages with local communities, mobilizing and coordinating teachers, leaders, musicians, and storytellers to create our interactive curriculum. They also conduct monitoring and evaluation visits to the field, and liaise with communities, partners, and other stakeholdrers. ASTRADHE has ten years of experience implementing projects in collaboration with Baka communities, including education and training programs, mother tongue instruction, community mapping of forest zones, and a comprehensive study on gender and education.


Brigitte Anziom, Secretary General, ASTRADHE

Brigitte is the Secretary-General of ASTRADHE, and provides management oversight over project activities, budget and operations, and ensures timely implementation, data collection, and reporting. Brigitte brings to Two Rabbits 17 years of project management experience, all in Baka communities. She has expertise in local language development and translation, community empowerment, conservation, and human rights. She has made ASTRADHE a leader among nonprofit organizations in integrating Baka leadership and participation in project design, implementation, monitoring, and evaluation.