Our Solution

Two Rabbits disrupts current models by addressing the root of poverty and oppression, and placing the child at the center of our work. Engaging with local partners to ensure that content, pedagogy, and implementation design deeply reflect community norms, we combine research-based best practices in ECE with local culture and values to create a culturally adapted curriculum in mother tongue, delivering literacy, math, play, and socioemotional development to children most in need. 



Working together with our local partners and community members, Two Rabbits develops preschool curricula in the community's mother tongue and rooted in research-based best practices. We work together with musicians, storytellers, and local leaders to develop songs, stories, games, and activities that reflect the cultural style of the community.



The curriculum is then recorded onto a low-cost MP3 device, powered entirely by hand crank. These devices are durable, hard to break and easy to fix, energy independent and resistant to the natural elements. All content is housed locally on the device, ensuring consistent and reliable access to program materials. 



Once the curriculum is recorded onto the device, communities nominate local lesson facilitators, who are trained in child-friendly pedagogy, the Two Rabbits curriculum, formative assessment, and MP3 device operation. Facilitators teach in pairs, using the device as a co-teacher, and as a scaffold for their own professional development in order to lead students through lessons and activities.